These are stories written by clients about their metaphysical experiences through working with Ariane, and on their own. If you have worked with Ariane, and have a story you would like to share, please feel free to send it in.

"I went to Ariane's meditation class a couple of weeks ago. Let me just say it was hands down, the most profound meditation experience of my life. I've been to other types of meditation before and the most that I could hope for is that I maybe, sort of, might have, kind of felt a flicker of something, if I squinted my eyes, and the planets happened to be aligned in exactly the right way. ;) Not so in Ariane's class.

This woman is the real deal. She emanates a grounded strength and a quiet wisdom that instantly make you feel safe, centered, and utterly comfortable in your own skin. She takes you by the hand, and ever so gently guides you to places in your mind that you've never been before. Strangely, it's both exhilarating and extraordinarily peaceful at the same time.

For the next several days after trying out this meditation experience I felt stronger, clearer, and more open. The cells in my body seemed to buzz happily, warm and alive. The frayed edges of my mind had been neatly woven back together. In short I felt amazing! I'll definitely be back for more. Many thanks you Ariane! Can't wait to see you Tuesday."

"Thanks for an amazing experience Ariane, it was eye opening to be able to be able to perceive energy fields and to feel energized by them in just the first class. My rational mind was shocked by what it was missing, still marvelling and bewildered by the experience... so far beyond my expectations and impossible to fully put into words. You are a wonder!"

"For anyone who's interested in the meditation class but unsure what to expect, I just wanted to share my experience of the class last night: I should start by saying that although I've done meditation in a group setting before, I've never tried this particular method of meditation before and I'm not someone who tends to receive energetic information in visual form - so I worried a bit about what it might be like, whether I would get anything, etc. That worry disappeared as soon as we started.

Ariane's quiet, nurturing leadership immediately put me at ease, and within seconds of entering the meditation through our breath, I began to see things I've never seen before. As the focus of the meditation, my eyes were on Ariane - but I was not just seeing the external, physical Ariane with my eyes. I was seeing with my consciousness the Ariane around, inside, and beyond her physical being. In some moments, I saw the energy surrounding us, its movement and flow. More impactfully, I 'felt' her. I got a sense of the vastness, the complexity of her higher being, and suddenly, for a split second, I felt connection to Source in a way I had never felt it before. The endless infinity of it, the pure love vibration... I don't fully understand it and can't begin to describe it accurately. It's like having awakened from a dream, and I find that I can only grasp the sense of it for an instant before it slips away from my conscious mind again. But it was there. I can't wait to encounter it again, and I thank Ariane for sharing that gift with me!"

"Hey! I just wanted to say that Ariane & I did this rad meditation at Mission the other night & it totally helped me tap into some cosmic energy. In fact, while staring into her eye for what seemed like forever, I began to see her and everything else turn into this polarized photo field. I don't know if that makes much sense, but as everything around us went dark-ish, I could begin to just recognize the outline of her face instead of seeing her as I did before. She told me it had something to do with cosmic energy coming into play versus astral energy. But with her guidance I could begin to feel the flow of things like my em field & its expansion, etc. I'd recommend taking one of her sessions in order to experience what I'm trying to explain. So, remember: we are all moving bodies of water. Constantly in the ebb & flow, our hearts are constantly pumping & pulsing through out our environment; beyond our bodies borders, our energy fields can expand & contract as well. I was reminded of these things then. Ok, bye!"

"Ariane is one of the most amazing light workers I have ever met. My meditation sessions with her have been truly mind and soul expanding and have allowed me to access parts of my spirit and being that I never could before. Having been on the spiritual path for most of my life, I explored a great many many different techniques and meditation practices, but none of them touched or affected me the way that Ariane has. Using Tantric gazing as a foundation of the session, she gently guides you through lives and layers of untapped energy and takes you on a most profound journey. For the beginning meditator or the more advanced, this is an experience of divine sublime magic. When all is said and done, words don't do her justice. You just have to be in the moment with Ariane to truly get it."

"If you are reading this, you are incredibly lucky: you have stumbled upon an obscure jewel in an enormous ocean. Being one who considers time and effort the most valuable resource, I have always pursued the highest quality of education and instruction. My search for a meditation teacher continued for years until I serendipitously discovered Ariane, and was exposed to a whole new world of spiritual and cognitive cultivation. Since the initiation of my study with Araine, I have experienced epiphany after epiphany and developed a fresh and powerful, perception of reality. As my paradigm continues to align, I find that my actions follow, cultivating in spiritual, social, physical, mental and monetary wealth. Ariane is Houdini; the muse of muses. Her intelligence, wisdom, and intrinsic aptitude for what most would consider magic, is profound."

"'Mind blowing and awakening' are the closest words I can use to describe my session with Ms. Ariane. Her abilities help take you to a place far beyond what you could ever imagine. She helps create a safe place of discovery, calmness, and serenity. It's an experience thats difficult to describe, but mind blowing none the less. I left feeling free and content with my body and mind."

"My meditation practice with Ariane is transformative. Even that simple phrase sounds to small to describe the things I've experienced, and now carry in me forever.
Through my meditations, I am able to experience energy on a more fundamental level... relaxing and opening my consciousness to a better awareness and understanding of the universe around me, and even more importantly, of the reality of my own existence. The experiences have been beautiful, inspiring, and healing. The practice allows me to live more naturally... to feel my life, rather than "think" it... to know my desires and loves, and to align them all harmoniously.
I am able to see the energy of everything, and how it flows and interacts with my own. Seeing the waves of energy flowing throughout my being is now so simply familiar when I see it in everything I encounter... the energy of other people, of other things and places... and even the energy of time, emotions, and ideas. The singularity of energy consciousness is so beautifully, unifying, and peaceful. I have experienced an expanding consciousness that has helped me in every way... healing myself and those around me... focusing my desires and projects... and opening me up to love that is warm, kind, and abundant like I had never before known.
I feel charmed to have found my way here... to have been brought to this moment, and to be able to write this account of my joy. I always feel as though these words struggle to fully share the experience, but I am reassured that they will do their job, perfectly."

"Quite literally, when I meditate now, I can see the energy as light and color, forming the shapes of the objects around me. At first in beautiful blue... bright and magical, and then in fluid liquid gold... cascading in waves through space. At first, I hold on so tightly to our typical reality, that I experience the light as a glow of the things in this world. Beings glow with the bright blue light, and walls disappeared into an infinite blue wash. Finally, after focusing and opening up, I am able to go deeper and experience the warm gold light... free of worldly form and melting over me like waves from an eternal golden ocean. I can generate this energy from within, fueling my being, healing my physical energy, or I can simply bathe in the light of the euphoric and abundant universe."

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