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Ariane Labyrinth | Tantric Sourceress



Tantric sourceress, priestess of The Labyrinth sacred dancer, performer, choreographer, director, producer, creatrix.

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What I Offer

Sessions & Readings


Creative Director




Classes & Workshops



1 on 1 Sessions

The Cosmic Alchemy Experience

In your session, we can focus on whatever your metaphysical goals are. I offer a variety of things including…

Cosmic Alchemy experience, where your mind will be shifted to be able to actually perceive energy as a tangible light, auras, past lives, and many other phenomena. I can open your third eye or any other Chakra experience. Can include a tarot reading if so desired, or be focused toward whatever aspect of the metaphysical you want to develop.

Energy healing, and work with crystals and herbs.

The Muse Project

Muse Project sessions, focuses on using higher dimensional energy experiences and metaphysics to take your chosen art form to the next level.

The Ascension Lifestyle

Ascension Lifestyle consultation focuses on a handful of essential life practices designed to help you shift to existence on an energy level.

Tantric Mysticism

Tantric Mysticism sessions, where we focus on the metaphysical aspects of sensuality and apply these abilities to connection and a greater experience of ecstasy.

Mysteries of The Labyrinth 


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